Ecological commitment
The Tree houses:
The whole of the house has been built with untreated natural wood.

The natural qualities and properties of the wood have been taken into account in order to give its maximum adequacy of use.

The chestnut holds well the outside weather, that’s why it's found in the outer coat of the tree hut.

The Douglas fir tree has, in a natural way, a good mechanical resistance and it's used in the structure and in the interior coating. Its pink and white strokes dresses with charm the ceilings and walls, and the particular smell of resin leaves an unforgettable remembrance.

A good layer of fiber of hemp mixed with fiber of Douglas fir tree assures a total insulation together with double glass windows.

The ventilation of the hut is carried out in a ordinary way by a natural draft that circulates through the tree trunk, going out through the ventilation holes situated on the roof.

The terrace has been personalized with branches of chestnut, acacias or beech tree in order to blend with the flora that surrounds the huts.

Dry and ecological toilets:
The WC is a container with a biodegradable bag and sawdust.

The bag is recycled in the form of composting. This waste is returned to nature in the form of organic fertilizer, following a natural cycle, avoiding the use of water and means no need for gray water treating system.
The country house The Vileta:
The country house The Vileta also follows a line of respect with the environment by using low consumption bulbs, wood heating and by exhaustively recycling every type of waste.
The swimming pool:
A cleaning system of ultraviolet lamps, allows users to have a swim in clean water at all times. Without adding chemical products, in order to preserve the environment, customers will enjoy the benefit of not having to worry for dry skin, hair bleaching or allergy to chlorine.
Workshops to respect the environment:
Nests Workshop.
Renewable energies.
Knowing the fauna and the flora.

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