The Forest of The Guilleries is a beautiful green mountain based at the north of Catalonia in the county of Girona.

Its forest is clad with elms, holm and cork oaks as well as ever green and chestnut trees which dress the mountains with a beautiful range of colours depending on the season.

The climate of The Guilleries is of a humid Mediterranean type with a mid-European nuance.
There abound a large number of natural fountains and it's home of a large part of the of mineral water industry in Catalunya.

Along the Ter river are found the famous reservoirs of Sau and Susqueda.

As a sub region, the Guilleries include the towns of Sant Hilari Sacalm, Osor, Susqueda, Vilanova de Sau, Sant Sadurní D'osormort, Espinelves and Viladrau. Beautiful small villages with a peculiar charm worth visiting.

Guilleries-Savassona's natural sourroundings

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