Tree Top Cabins

Fulfill the dream of sleeping in treetops

The first acomodation, in Spain, with tree hangging cabins

The marvelous forest of Sant Hilari Sacalm

Our project was born in the year 2009, after traveling all around the world and living experiences of all kinds, nourished by several cultures and locations. Born in the magic surroundings of the Sant Hilari Sacalm forest, emerged the first Spanish accommodation of cabins on treetops.

Our wooden cabins harmonize with the landscape of mountains and forest set in Cataluña. There, on these treetops, you can disconnect from your day-to-day life, reconnect with your inner self and the magic of nature. Fulfilling a childhood dream of sleeping in treetops.

At your arrival you will park among the trees, close to the manor house (main lodge), that has more than seven centuries of history.

After receiving information at the front desk, you will walk on to your cabin guided by signs in the forest.

Each cabin has its own decoration and view. They have a washbasin with a water jug, an ecological dry toilet and a fire place for winter nights and cozy diners, there are featured rechargeable lamps that offer a warm intimate light.

To take showers and charge cell phone you must go to the manor house! There, you will also find a living room with a fireplace, a lovely garden, outdoor private spas, a massage parlor and a swimming pool that opens in the summer. Enjoy each of these marvelous experiences!

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