The Cabins

A cozy and comfortable nest

The cabins are adapted to the size and nature of the tree that suports it

With a philosophy of respect for the environment.

You will enjoy your escape in your cozy nest.

The cabins are adapted to the dimensions of the trees supporting them. They have an octagonal shape with an area of 30m2.

The 10m2 terrace offers a resting, relaxing space maximizing the benefit of the forest. Always offering a spectacular view of: Montseny, The Pyrenees and of dawn or dusk.

You may access your cabin by a hanging bridge or by a vertical ladder.

Children under 10 years old are not allowed in the cabins.

The toilet is biodegradable and residues are recycled as compost.

Quality and attention

Magic Cabins

Bosqueta Cabin

Duc Cabin

Pit Roig Cabin

Cuereta Cabin

Faisà Cabin

Tallareta Cabin

Liberty and INTIMACY

Cupid Cabins

Rossinyol Cabin

Mallerenga Cabin

Cargolet Cabin

Oreneta Cabin

Pardal Cabin

Roquerol Cabin


Nature Cabins

Òliba Cabin

Blauet Cabin

Gafarró Cabin

Merla Cabin

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