Complementary guarantee

Additional cancellation guarantee conditions

Ninildu SL guarantees, up to a limit of 400 euros, and subject to the exclusions mentioned in these Warranty Conditions, the reimbursement of the costs of cancellation of stay requested by the customer who contracted the guarantee and to whom it is invoice for the extension of the general conditions of sale, provided that the stay is canceled before the start of the same and for one of the following reasons after the subscription of the guarantee:

1- Due to death, hospitalization for at least one night, serious illness or serious accident:

a – The client or one of their relatives.

relatives: spouse, common-law partner or person who as such lives with the client, parents, in-laws, children or siblings of the client.

b – The person responsible during the client’s stay, for the custody of the minors, in the usual residence.

c – Of the direct substitute of the client in his place of work, whenever this circumstance prevents the client to cancel his stay by request of the company that works.

In relation to the client, a serious illness means an alteration of the health that implies hospitalization or the need to keep bed, within the 7 days previous to the stay, and that medically, makes impossible the beginning of the stay in the programmed date.

A serious accident means unintentional bodily harm on the part of the victim, as a result of the sudden action of an external cause and which, in the opinion of a medical professional, makes it impossible to start the client on the scheduled date, or carries a risk of death for any of the aforementioned relatives.

2- Summons of the client as a party, witness or jury, before a civil, criminal or labor court.

3- Call as a member of an electoral board for state, regional or municipal elections.

4- The presentation to examinations of official oppositions summoned through a public organism after the subscription of the guarantee. This presentation can be either as an opponent or as a member of a court.

5- Serious damage caused by fire, explosion, theft or by force of nature, to their main or secondary residence, or to their professional premises if the client exercises a liberal profession or runs a company and it is imperative that his presence.

6- Due to the client’s dismissal. In no case will this guarantee enter into force due to the termination of the employment contract, voluntary resignation or failure to pass the probationary period. In any case, the guarantee must have been subscribed before the written communication by the company to the worker.

7- The incorporation into a new job, in a company other than the one that carried out the work, with an employment contract of more than one year and provided that the incorporation takes place after the reservation of the stay and, therefore, the warranty subscription.

8- Call for surgery of the client, as well as medical tests prior to this intervention. (Includes organ transplantation as recipient or donor).

9- Call for client or family medical tests, carried out by the Public Health as a matter of urgency, provided that they are justified by the seriousness of the case.

10- Serious complications in the state of pregnancy that, by medical prescription, force to rest or demand the hospitalization of the client, her spouse, or common-law partner or person who as such lives permanently with the client, as long as these complications have occurred after the contracting of the guarantee and put at serious risk the continuity or the necessary development of said pregnancy.

11- Premature part of the client, the client’s spouse or common-law partner or the person who, as such, lives permanently with the client.

For the payment of the indemnity, it will be essential to present the documentation justifying the reason for the client’s cancellation.

Specific exclusions from the additional cancellation guarantee:

A-Cosmetic treatment, a cure, voluntary termination of pregnancy, alcoholism, drug use and narcotics, unless these have been prescribed by a doctor and are consumed as directed.

B- Illnesses that are being treated or need medical treatment within the previous 30 days, both on the date of booking the stay and on the date of inclusion of the guarantee.

C- Epidemics, pandemics, medical quarantine and natural disasters.

D-War (civil or not), declared or not, riots, popular movements, acts of terrorism, any effect of a source of radioactivity, as well as the conscious non-observance of official prohibitions.

G- Failure to present for any reason essential documents for the stay, a valid ID card.

H- Intentional acts, as well as intentionally caused self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide.

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