Ecological engagment

With a philosophy of respect for the environment, our sustainable proposal is to adapt to nature, by leaving your vehicles in the parking area, walking for a few minutes to reach your cabin integrated to the forest and enjoying the peaceful magic of the forest to the rhythm of bird’s songs.

Lighting: The majority of the cabins don’t have electricity; the cabins are lit with rechargeable lamps that give a warm light.

Water: in the cabin, you will find a basin with a jug of water. The water comes from our own well.

Ecological fireplace: For diner and winter, you will enjoy a fireplace in the wall. The fuel used is bioethanol. This is an organic alcohol extracted from the fermentation of root beat and sugar cane.

Ecological dry toilets: following our line of conservation of the environment, our toilets are ecological. We don’t use chemicals and the residues return to the environment as organic fertilizer, following the natural cycle.

Unprocessed woods were used to make all cabins, the quality and properties of the woods were used accordingly.

Chestnut and red cedar withstand weather well, for that reason they were used for external coating.

Douglas fir has a good mechanical resistance so it was used in the structure and as indoor coating. This wood’s pink and white vain give charm to the walls and ceilings. Also, the resin aroma of the wood leaves an unforgettable memory.

To secure insulation we used a mixture coat of reed and Douglas fir fiber, and double-glassed windows.

Wood is an efficient natural thermal insulator and it is an eco-responsible energy use.

At the manor house, we also chose an eco-responsible management: low energy bulbs, heating by firewood and, of course, recycling of residues.

Ecological spa: Our spa area is also in the middle of the forest, in harmony with its surroundings. It has a tub and Finland sauna, the heaters work only with wood and the water that comes from our well.

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