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The Cabins

All our cabins are in the trees. They are suspended to one or two trees.
The tree, to which the cabin is suspended, goes trough mid cabin. All the cabins have the same surface area indoors or outdoors (terrace), wheather on one or tow trees.
Surely we have opted to suspend the cabins with wires of little visibility. This gives the apperience of a magical lightness.

The majority of the cabins are accessed by a hanging bridge and at the end by a vertical or inclined ladder. The Pi Roig cabin is accessed by a stairs like in any house and at the end a vertical ladder of 4mt.

All the cabins have a 4 MT vertical ladder,

The type of cabins are either hanging one or two trees, with the space to lodge 2 to 4 people, the personalized decoration, the view, the cabins height from the ground, the distances between the cabins and from the parking lot, as well as the time to get there.

The different way to access (hanging bridge, a vertical ladder or an inclined stair. When you visit this link, you will discover the details for each cabin.

Yes, the cabins do swing when the wind acts over the tree tops,depending on the winds strenght.

Cabin’s Equipment

No, the cabins are supplied with doble beds, sheets, blankets and duvet. Some have a sofa bedfor twwo more people
Yes, there is bio-ethanol fireplace in each cabin
Yes, the cabin is equiped with a wash basin and enough waterto allow washing your hands, face and teeth. Theshower are in the manor house.

Yes, you will receive a hot diner, sent to you in a basket. If you chose this option when making your reservation or when you arrive to the cabins.

However, it is not allowed to cook in the cabins.

Breakfast is always included and it will be delivered to you at 9:00am you may raise it with the cord.

Yes, there are dimer lampsand frontal lights. The cabins don’t have electricity. Remember to arrive with you cel phone charged.
You only need to put some sawdust instead of water. Sawdust absorbes the bad odors and dry the rest. These toillets are emptied and cleaned every day.

Important Information for staying in the cabins

Yes, children from 10 years old on, and they go up to the cabins always with an adult.
No, our animal friends are not alowed in the cabins.

Yes, it is advised in account the cabin’s height (between 960 to 1000m) and the temperarure difference that may exist between your place of residence and the tree top cabins.

In any case it is recmended to bring trecking shoes to walk in the forest (up to 10 minutes to get to your cabin).

It’s important you avoid high heels while your stay! Remmember to consult the wheather prediccions before your visit, and chose the adacate attire.

You must bring the necessary. Your personal belongings for the night and the toiletry necessary for your washing up. Select a backpack that allows you to walk comfortably to your cabin.

Remember to charge you cell phone before going to your cabin.

The arrival hour is between 16h and 19:30h. We recomend reaching your cabin during day light to make the best of it.

Yes, when you arrive at the reception, you will need 10 minutes to “know it all”: information and recommendations that may make your stay more pleasant.

You will recaive a basket with walkei-talkie, bateries for the lamps, a map and the keys to9 the cabin.

At the reception, you will have access to a living room with a fireplace, a coffee shop/bar, and a lounge, a desk with a connected computer, showers and toilets.

There is a lovely garden outside and in summer you can enjoy are large pool.

You can make a reservation to access the massage parlor, as well as the spa and the private sauna.

Reservations and gift cards

We can offer three types of packs with different options: Booking, and choose one of them and the most convenient date for you.

The prices vary according to the seasons.

If you wish to make simple selection of a particular cabin, click on demand option. Then select your most convenient date. Before you make you payment, we will offer you “Extras”, as well as complement cancelation guaranty.

Yes, several of the cabins are quit close for example: Mallerenga and Cargolet: Bosqueta and Gafarro or Rossinyol and Oreneta.

We offer you three different option packs: Select one those in Gift Card also select the season.

If you wish to select simply a particular cabin, click in on demand option: then select the season.

Where we also offer the “Extras” before making your payment. You will get a PDF document, with a link that can be completed by recipient.

It is recommended to reserve the spa and massages ahead of time, in order to guaranty the availability of the services.

You may check the extras in this link

Yes both types of payment are accepted.With a credit card your charge is immidiate and by transfer you must do it at least two months before your stay.

Yes, but only up to 21 days before your reservation date. You are only allowed one change.

Click here (you have reservation and wish to change it) for a date change.

You reservation is subject to certain refund conditions. Check them in this link.

If you get this additional service, you may benafit of advantageous conditions. Check them by click this link.

Surroundings and activities

Here are some links of near by activities:
• Jungle Adventure Park (Coll de Ravell), Selvaventura
• Sant Hilari Aventura (SantHilari Sacalm), SantHilariAventura
• Mountain Bike routes (marked routes, Sant Hilai Sacalm), Les Guilleries
• Hiking routes (Sant Hilari Sacalm): Les Guilleries
• Bike rentals ant Sdurni D’Osormort), Ebike Montseny
• Museo de Guilleries (Sant Hileri Salcam), Museu Guilleries
• Balneario Font Vella (Sant Hilari Sacalm), Balneari Font Vella
• Central Thermal and magma spa (Santa Coloma de Farners), Magma-cat

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