Covid 19

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Our establishment is firmly committed with risk measures against the spread of COVID19, leading the systematic use of procedures to minimize it.

Next, you will find relevant sanitary measures for our guests:

At the front desk:

At the front desk, you must follow the specific marks on the floor, when receiving the instructions for your cabin.

The front desk allows a maximum of 4 couples and the garden is used as waiting area with separated open door spaces.

We have hydro-alcohol available and we disinfectant after each visitor.

We wear surgical masks and ask you to wear yours only at the front desk.

The common areas are restricted to a specific number of people and they are cleaned frequently. The showers are open from 10 to 12 am, this way we can ensure the regular cleaning.

The cabins:

We have eliminated books and all decoration difficult to clean, without compromising the general delicate esthetics.

The cleaning personnel will sanitize their hands with hydro-alcohol after each cleaning, and will use new gloves for each cabin.

The cabin are aerated during the cleaning process.

Each cabin has gel and soap available at the basin.

We sanitize all surfaces, using gloves and masks, with an official product used for COVID-19.

Breakfast and dinner meals are prepared with great-sanitized care from the moment it’s being prepare, to the moment in which it is transported in a basket to be hung at your cabin.

Sauna and spa:

This service is in a private area and the surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each session.


The massage parlor is cleaned and sanitized after each session.

The masseuse will wear mask and gloves when giving the treatment.

Covid 19
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